About Me

Let me first tell you a little bit about my background and how I came to be where I am now.
I am dual certified to work as both a General and Psychiatric Nurse (RN & RPN).

I graduated in 2006 as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and worked in Child and Youth Mental Health in both Emergency and Acute Inpatient Pediatric Psychiatry at BC Children's Hospital.

Wanting to broaden my area of specialty, I decided to go back to school and graduated with distinction in 2011 with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing as a Registered Nurse with a specialty in Neonatal Intensive Care.

At around the same time, I had taken a Reiki course and discovered how much I loved working with energy healing, and as I began to take more energy healing courses, workshops and online classes, I became aware of just how much I enjoyed working with crystals and healing gemstones and saw firsthand the amazing improvements in health that occurred during those sessions as a result!

After having my two boys, we made the decision that I would focus on being home with them for a few years before returning to my nursing career, so in the meantime I decided I wanted to keep taking courses and further what I had already learned and deepen my knowledge and passion for the world of energy and crystal healing.

As time went by I found I couldn't get enough of it; I had known for most of my life that I was destined to help facilitate healing with those around me, but this time at home helped me realize that my true calling was to help heal others through a lesser known yet wonderfully powerful healing modality - Crystal Healing! 
The true kinship I have gained in working with these healing stones and crystals is nothing short of amazing.

The completion of my Crystal Healing Practitioner course early in 2016 confirmed that this was the path I was going to take going forward and I know now that all my years as a nurse were preparing me with the medical knowledge that I needed to understand the physical issues my clients are experiencing which bring them to come see me. 

I am blessed to have the shared knowledge of how both the physical and energetic bodies work, and this blend of Eastern and Western medicines provide me with a deeper understanding of my client's individual concerns and the ability to create an intuitive healing session for them.

I would be honored to share my love and passion for these precious healing stones with you during a session. Any clients I have ever worked with, whether with any or no knowledge about this field, have been taken aback at the powerful healing they received during a session and have continued to receive long after the session was finished.
Come give it a try for yourself, you'll be very glad that you did!

Andrea Drake

Crystal Healing Practitioner
BScN (Nursing)

Dual Certified General and Psychiatric Nurse

List of Professional Accomplishments

Completed my Crystal Healing Practitioner course in 2016

Received my Therapeutic Touch Level 1 & 2 in 2015
Graduated with Distinction as a Registered Nurse in 2011 (with a specialty in Neonatal Intensive Care)

Completed my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Nursing (with Distinction) in 2011

Completed my Reiki Level 1 in 2009

Graduated with Distinction as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in 2006

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