What are Chakras and why do they need balancing?

The word Chakra is actually a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" and is often described as a spinning wheel of energy, kind of like a vortex that goes around and around. Everyone has 7 main Chakras, or energy centers, in their body (we actually have a lot more than that, but we have 7 main ones) which control the flow of energy through all the energetic layers of our body; they make up what is known as our aura.

These energy wheels can get clogged or blocked due to stress, negativity, emotional issues, physical problems or a combination of them all. And when those wheels no longer spin properly it causes a disruption in the energy flow within our bodies; this disconnect or sluggish connection to our life energy is what can lead to physical discomfort or disease, and emotional or mental instability. It can disrupt our creative process, cause us to feel ungrounded or insecure, and basically leave us in a funk because the energy cannot flow freely through our bodies!

It is commonly known that each Chakra has a corresponding colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), but what a lot of people don't know is that each gemstone and crystal also correspond to a particular Chakra! And because of this, we've learned that stones can be used to bring the Chakras back into balance simply by introducing them into our energy fields! This is why during a Chakra Balancing session (included in a Crystal Healing treatment) specific stones are placed onto each of the corresponding main Chakras, to help clear the Chakras of unwanted negative energies that have gotten caught in our energy field so that healthy life energy can once again begin to flow freely throughout the body and allow us to return to full health and function.

Unique to a Crystal Healing session, a special layout of crystals is created using different healing stones and crystals; many stones have been found to enhance each other's healing work when used together, therefore by using multiple different stones at the same time, a combined healing effect can be obtained. At the start of each session you will choose one crystal layout, catered specifically to your reason for seeking healing and these are applied to corresponding areas of the body. Some common areas include the forehead, the heart or the thyroid gland, but there are many, it all depends on what area of the body, or condition you are seeking healing for. The stones are small and light, and most clients find them very comfortable, but you always have the option to have them placed beside your body if that feels better for you.

The crystals are left in place for a period of time allowing you to relax and enjoy the warm, gentle nature of the stones while the healing energies transfer from them to you, bringing balance and health to your body.

After a session, most people feel wonderfully relaxed, many clients fall asleep during a session and also report sleeping very peacefully after a session. Similarly to other forms of energy treatments, the healing work of the stone's energy continues to work long after the session finishes, minimally for several more hours and often into the following day!
Lots of water for the next few days is recommended to help clear any toxins that are being released as a result of the treatment.  

Still have more questions about how a treatment works?

Please feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer any concerns you may have!

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is a gentle, non-invasive treatment using crystals and gemstones. These stones are intuitively placed on your body to clear and balance your Chakras. Each different type of crystal or gemstone has their very own unique healing property. Some work by healing a certain ailment, while others help prevent one from occurring; some work on physical issues, and others help with psychological or emotional ones. Many stones are used to enhance spiritual connections and others for protection and grounding. The many uses and properties of these magnificent healers are endless!

During a Crystal Healing session, a practitioner places the stones, which have been activated for a specific healing role, on to your body and the energy in the stones will either absorb negative energy or flow positive healing energy down into your body. This process is entirely painless and gentle, and feels different to each individual. Some report a warm "liquidy" feeling, others a cool tingling sensation; there is no right or wrong way to experience it, what's important to note is that it is only positive and loving energy, and it cannot harm you.

As part of every Chakra Balancing or Crystal Healing session, gemstones are placed onto specific areas of the body, called Chakras, to help bring them into balance. Each Chakra corresponds to a unique energy center in our body, which connects our physical body to the Universal Life Energy- this is also known as Chi or Source energy. 

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